“Making art is one way to desert the illusions of ego and through it I aim at being a neutral mirror that connects people with themselves.” -Talitha Maranila, 2022.

Born and raised in Jakarta, Talitha went on to pursue her studies at Lasalle College International. Half of her childhood in the 90’s was spent with her grandfather, who was a doctor and instilled in her a strong interest in biology and science. Her natural inclination brought her to the fine arts, but his influence is still very present throughout her body of work.

Talitha’s aspiration is to infuse and project aspects of science and spirituality through her art. She considers her creative work to be a manifestation of her spirituality. She explores the possible worlds we could create through the help of science and art, and what each discipline could do to reflect society’s issues and perhaps affect political responses. Having engaged with diverse religions and cultures, her work is inspired by their visual symbols and cues -- yet rearranges them into new, conceptually layered installations.

The choice of materials is througuhly calculated and her process is intuitively ritualistic, but sometimes she finds herself in avenues of the unexpected; adding an ironic twist to familiar scenes and provoking the spectator to a new and perhaps unexplored territories. Her arrangements are schematic and invites the viewer to leave certainty and move into a space of speculation. She relies on our innate desires for beauty, poetics and seduction.

Being an artist for Talitha is a method of existence. She believes that being able to mature as an artist isn’t possible without maturing first as a person. Seeing her art as an extension and embodiment of herself, she views art not only as a medium to self-reflect, she utilizes art as a medium to connect with her inner spirit as she works in a very intuitive manner in the process of creation, deeply diving into her subconscious. Themes of unity, of oneness, wholeness and the idea of duality is an omnipresent theme her life that is reflected in her work. You can see the resemblance of nature from the organic shape of hersculpture, the brush strokes in her painting, the light to reconstruct our perspectives of reality. Talitha have showcased her works in Switzerland, Berlin and Singapore. Her most recent works has been exhibited all over the country from Jogjakarta, Jakarta and currently on display in Ubud, Bali. She currently resides and works from her studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.